Appraisers' Testimonials of our Data Entry Service

Testimonials (What Our Customers Are Saying)

We value the feedback we receive from our customers, and actively seek their thoughts and input. Below are some of the recent comments our customers have made about working with us.

"Another great job, as I get better of explaining how I like the reports they get even better at putting them together and I have only done 2 so far, you cant beet this service."

Jan 11, 2019

"Good job, comparable #1 one though I do see a document # but the report showed as n/a other than that good job. Thanks"

May 25, 2018

"I am just getting started with the system. It is daunting at the beginning but I now think I am ready to send my first order. John knows it inside and out and has helped me get to this point. I can not wait to see the results."

Sep 18, 2017

"Very good. There was a lot of data needed in a short of time. It was a difficult drawing. You performed well."

Mar 18, 2017

"For using the first time there were a couple things that were no big deal and inspected but overall this was great! The less I do helps me extremely!"

Feb 27, 2017

"I love working with IE Impact. They save me hours of typing with each report. They are thorough and accurate, timely and affordable. I have more free time since I have started using their service. The prep work to send the data and template file always assures you that you have everything in your work file and that you are USPAP compliant with your record keeping. I can't thank them enough and high recommend their services if you like concentrating more on appraising and less work filling in all the necessary data entry."

Oct 30, 2016

"I love how this company has helped me with all of my reports. They do an excellent job! It has allowed me to get more work out quicker and increase my volume. I don't know what I would do without them. Thanks so much! I love you guys. Keep up the great work John is always right there to help if you need it!"

Sep 23, 2016

"I appreciate the data entry support as it allows me to focus on analysis more and less on data entry. When I am looking at data all day, its good to know I can have the data transferred onto my report, and keep moving, saving me time and energy. Thank you."

Sep 02, 2016

"I would say to the appraiser don't get too excited they are ok but don't expect too much. They make a lot of simple mistakes all the time but its still worth most of the time."

Sep 02, 2016

"I could not be more pleased with this service. Saves me at least 90 minutes minimum per report. I spend approximately 30-45 minutes to do a final review and write up my comments depending on the level of complexity."

Aug 25, 2016

"We are very happy with this service. ieIMPACT allows us to keep pace with our high volume of appraisals. The company always asks for feedback and strives to be accurate and consumer friendly."

Jul 30, 2016

"IE is a great value, I have referred to several and hear great feedback by even the pickiest of self-typing appraisers as a time saver. Thank You IE"

Jul 27, 2016

"This company has changed my life for the better. Huge time saver and psychological boost in this busy time."

Jul 26, 2016

"No matter how little or how much I need done, I always have my report back within the requested time."

May 15, 2016

"I have recommended your firm to 2 other appraisals already and will continue to refer others to your service."

May 03, 2016

"Having someone you can trust type a large part of my report? Worth every penny - and then some. This is an invaluable service for appraisers."

Apr 28, 2016

"I am finding that the folks at IEIMPACT are a great help with my work. Not sure if the make me more money-bur for sure, they give me more time to spend as I please,which is more important. Neal D'Alessio New York State Certified Appraiser"

Apr 07, 2016

"IE Impact is reliable and quick in completing orders. Their work is trustworthy and they are excellent communicators. I would recommend their services to any appraiser who is looking to leverage their time."

Apr 04, 2016

"I already have, at a resent USPAP class everyone wrote down your name and to my friend Jeff Hund. Jeff's biz is way down but this it picks up he wants to try it."

Mar 30, 2016

"If you are a busy appraiser and you are not using ieImpact you are nuts. The quality is excellent. I can wrap-up a report ieImpact has delivered to me in less than an hour."

Mar 21, 2016

"I feel like before I sent my reports over to ieIMPACT that I could never catch up. I've been sending ALL of my reports to them for the past few months and I feel like I can finally sleep again. They're very communicative if they have a question, and quick and responsive to answer any questions that I have had. I would definitely recommend using this service to everyone in the field. It has saved me worlds of time and I feel like I can actually take time to relax, while feeling confident that my reports will be ready for me when I need them."

Feb 16, 2016

"This is a game changer. Simple as that. You use less energy than before, you know...pinpointing a mouse a thousand times per report, you don't have to try and solve the puzzle while you are inputting data, you just prepare the information as usual but then you now hand it off. You not only save time, but you save ENERGY and I would say it reduces greatly the amount of times you get pissed off per day."

Jan 14, 2016

"At first I was skeptical of how well ieImpact would do filling in the data into my appraisal reports and for years resisted to take advantage of their 3 free orders. After developing serious physical issues due to repetitive typing, it was time to give ieImpact a try. I have now submitted over 100 orders with ieImpact and am very happy and wish I had utilized their services years ago. I believe after submitting 10 orders to ieImpact, one will never do their own data entry in their appraisal report again."

Sep 27, 2015

"I think you and your team do a wonderful job and you are always there and dependable. I could not survive at times if it were not for you and your team."

Sep 14, 2015

"I have tried twice to hire people one time in India and the other in the Phillipines, both promised they need what to do with data entry in appraisal work. However, both times I came running back to Ieimpact due to their lack of filling out the forms correctly. Ieimpact will make minor mistakes here and there but no ones perfect."

Aug 14, 2015

"ieImpact has saved me precious time in this crazy Denver real estate market, I feel confident taking on more with the ability to meet every deadline. It is easy to see the increase in my productivity and profit!"

Aug 07, 2015

"I'm very pleased with this ieIMPACT data entry service!!! The reports that the staff types are excellent and they are extremely easy to communicate with. I can't believe every Appraiser is not using this service."

Jul 29, 2015

"I already have recommended several colleagues. All of the appraisers I have referred have been very happy with your service ."

Jul 15, 2015

"The only way I can increase my income, keep up with demands, and take time off, is with this service. A No-Brainer !!
Thanks John"

Jun 30, 2015

"Great Service and Excellent Customer Support! My productivity has increased dramatically! While my stress has gone way down :)"

Jun 18, 2015

"Reports come back to me on time, and very accurate. The data entry provided by IEImpact saves me more than an hour on every appraisal."

Jun 08, 2015

"I have been using this service for a few months now & it saves me hours a day. I have already recommended this service to another appraiser."

May 20, 2015

"I have seen the following sentiment in other reviews - I would like your data entry staff to take a bit more time to be thorough with regards to details that can be seen in the MLS listing photographs."

May 05, 2015

"Service is fast and the staff follow instructions very well. It has been an asset to my work, the short time I have been utilizing IEImpact.


Apr 16, 2015

"I have been very impressed with Impact. They are very efficient, accurate and get the jobs done quickly. I would highly recommend this company to any appraiser. They have made my job much easier."

Apr 06, 2015

"awesome! Thank you for the quick turnaround!!!! YOu are REALLY awesome and a great partner for my business! WOW!!!"

Apr 03, 2015

"IE Impact has been a great addition to our business. Whether it is over night or over the weekend, you know work is being done while you are able to sleep or spend time with your family."

Mar 28, 2015

"Having Ieimpact type my reports is saving me hours of work! The cost is reasonable and the turn times are good. Try them, you'll Like them!"

Mar 25, 2015

"I would highly recommend this service. They respond well with corrections, are timely, and do a proficient job!"

Feb 18, 2015

"I have been utilizing IE since I first heard about them. They provide exceptional data entry with attention to detail. I have increased my workload by 36% since I figured out how to best utilize their services. The ladies typing my reports are always courteous and kind. John does an exceptional job managing the workforce and case loads. Thanks for all you do. Have a great day and God Bless. William Gaines AAA-Appraisals"

Feb 17, 2015

"I have recommended ieImpact to several appraisers and we all agree that it saves us 30-40 minutes on each report. Its a no-brainer at around $15 a report!"

Feb 16, 2015

"I find that your service saves me time and I can focus on the analysis and not the data entry. It is like having a virtually assistance."

Feb 08, 2015

"ieimpact has been great, I always receive the report on time or sooner. Great accuracy rate and communicates on a timely matter if there is a problem. Great Service very satisfied."

Feb 02, 2015

"I recommend ieImpact to every appraiser out there! They save you so much time, which helps you complete more work and spend more of your time on more important things like making more money! They are the greatest!!!"

Feb 01, 2015

"I have had great luck with all reports and communication on all needed items. you are all wonderful to deal with and an awesome asset to my company and it's needs. thank you. :)"

Jan 26, 2015

"I like that I can do the research, inspection and then send the data out for data entry. When I get to the office the next day, my report is waiting for me to wrap it up. When I do the data entry myself, I get distracted and it takes me forever. By utilizing this service, I manage my time better because I can just get right to the meat of the report after they do all the data entry. It's a great feeling!!"

Jan 23, 2015

"The team members at IEI are precise, on time and very accurate. Initial registration was full of hesitation but the quality of service has been outstanding."

Jan 07, 2015

"Data entry is such a tedious job!
As a one person office I love the convenience of having my data entered by ieImpact and my time left for the more contemplative aspects of appraising."

Nov 23, 2014

"I have recommended IEImpact to other appraiser's for their quality and time savings service. If you aren't using their service, you aren't working at full capacity."

Nov 16, 2014


Sep 30, 2014

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