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i.e.IMPACT means 'That's Impact.'

We know that typing appraisal reports is no fun for busy real estate appraisers, and no automated tool works as perfectly as a hand typing to produce an accurate report.

With the help of many appraiser friends (e.g., Ron Simmons, Brentwood, CA), we proudly pioneered this innovative appraisal data entry service and we have excelled in it. We made it so easy for you so that you will just love it!

We have been making appraisers' lives much easier since 2009. So far we have manually typed over 500,000 appraisal reports for thousands of appraisers spread across the United States. Each of our appraisers sends us up to twenty reports almost every day. Each report is hand typed, QUADRUPLE checked for accuracy, and delivered within 6-12 Hours.

We guarantee our services to our customers to be 100% reliable with 100% satisfaction. We are not here for short term success. No credit card or commitment is required when you sign up. We provide our customers with total satisfaction and by doing so are building win-win relationships that will last for years to come.

Founded in 2007, we are a privately owned and self-funded company. After attaining the number one position in the medical transcription field, we have applied similar principles and quality controls in this appraisal data entry service.  

We are equipped with a state-of-the-art in house facility with high-end computers and high-quality employees to maintain the quality, accuracy, and speed to serve any volume.

The reason behind ieIMPACT being the best in the region is our high quality service, strict maintenance of quality standards, and strict adherence to customer quality needs.

ieIMPACT bears the symbol of quality and has had to expand its staff to over 200 professionals in just 10 years.  This is nothing but evidence of the degree of quality and reliability we present to our clients.

During our 10 years in the business, we have acquired a remarkable 100% growth, which we witness every year through our clients, projects, staff, and infrastructure.

That's Impact or That means ieIMPACT !

What our customers are saying

"If you are a busy appraiser and you are not using ieImpact you are nuts. The quality is excellent. I can wrap-up a report ieImpact has delivered to me in less than an hour."

Appraisal Data Entry Service

Get higher quality reports done faster and cheaper. ieIMPACT pioneered the most easiest to use outsourcing service for appraisers.

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