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i.e.IMPACT means 'That's Impact.'

Typing appraisal reports can be a tedious task for busy real estate appraisers and no automated tool can match the accuracy of a hand-typed report.

We pioneered the innovative appraisal data entry service with the help of appraiser friends, like Ron Simmons in Brentwood, CA, and have become experts in it. Our goal is to make it simple and enjoyable for you.

Since 2009, we've made the lives of appraisers easier by hand typing over 1,000,000 reports for thousands of appraisers across the US. Some of our appraisers send us up to 20 reports daily, each of which is hand-typed, thoroughly checked for accuracy, and delivered within 6-12 hours.

We guarantee 100% reliability and satisfaction with our services and aim for long-term success. No credit card or commitment is needed when you sign up, and our goal is to achieve total customer satisfaction and build lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.

Established in 2007, we are a privately owned and self-funded company. After reaching the top spot in medical transcription, we apply the same principles and quality controls to our appraisal data entry service.

We have a state-of-the-art in-house facility with top-notch computers and skilled employees to ensure quality, accuracy, and speed, able to handle any volume.

ieIMPACT is the best in the region due to our high-quality service, rigorous maintenance of standards, and commitment to meeting customers' needs.

ieIMPACT is a symbol of quality and has grown its staff to over 200 professionals in just 10 years, a testament to the quality and reliability we offer our clients.

Over the course of our 10-year business, we have experienced significant 100% growth, reflected in our expanding client base, projects, staff, and infrastructure.

That's Impact or That means ieIMPACT !

What our customers are saying

"Data entry is such a tedious job!
As a one person office I love the convenience of having my data entered by ieImpact and my time left for the more contemplative aspects of appraising."

Appraisal Data Entry Service

Get higher quality reports done faster and cheaper. ieIMPACT pioneered the most easiest to use outsourcing service for appraisers.

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