Medical Transcription Services

Appraisal Data Entry Service

ieIMPACT is the leading medical transcription company in India. With a team of 200+ employees processing transactions 24x7 uniquely offer twin benefits of efficiency and effectiveness.

Why Outsource Healthcare Services to India?

Appraisal Data Entry Service

Healthcare BPOs in India provide end-to-end healthcare services that can address the needs of the Provider (Hospital and Physician) and Payer (Insurer and TPA) segments of the healthcare market.

What our customers are saying

"I have recommended you to all six appraisers in my office. Everyone in my office using a person to type their reports and pays them significantly more money and waits 1-3 days for the report back. By using your service I have been able to almost double my monthly volume. You guys do a great job given the tasks you receive. *** Feel free to use this message but please remove the appraiser's names I mention..."

Appraisal Data Entry Service

Get higher quality reports done faster and cheaper. ieIMPACT pioneered the most easiest to use outsourcing service for appraisers.

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