Appraisers' Testimonials of our Data Entry Service

Testimonials (What Our Customers Are Saying)

We value the feedback we receive from our customers, and actively seek their thoughts and input. Below are some of the recent comments our customers have made about working with us.

"They are such a time saver and the reports are always typed exactly as I like.
Thanks IEImpact!!!

Cherie Allen
Royal Appraisers, LLC, Florida"

Aug 03, 2014

"Great Service! I can send over 3 reports at the end of the day and have them waiting for me to finish first thing in the morning."

Aug 02, 2014

"We don't always have the time to rate each order, but your service is amazing. Now is a great time to say THANKS!! and look forward to a long partnership together."

Jul 12, 2014

"So you are an appraiser trying to generate at least $50.00 per hour and this service charges $15 to type the majority of your report? This is a no brainer. Of course I would recommend it - unless you like working harder and making less money!"

Jul 07, 2014

"Great service that is really a time saver. It's been a lifesaver multiple times when I've been swamped."

Jul 02, 2014

"I highly recommend ieImpact! I have been able to double my workload since using your services. Thank you so much for being fast and reliable."

Jun 20, 2014

"I appreciate having reports being completed during the ight shift. It feels great going to sleep knowing that the forms are being filled in overnight and will be waiting for me in the morning."

Jun 13, 2014

"I have enjoyed working with ieIMPACT. Their data entry is accurate and the report are completed on time."

May 16, 2014

"What a great tool to have at our disposal, ESPECIALLY when things get hectic in these crazy markets. We can always count on ieImpact to come through with accurate data input and usually ahead of schedule! Kudos to your service and the people who work so hard to make our jobs easier!"

May 15, 2014

"As a work at home mom, I'm able to complete my appraisals in a fraction of the time. I still do all the tasks I love about appraisal, the analysis, the inspection, the reconciliation but the time-consuming data entry is done for me. This has enabled me to do more work."

May 14, 2014

"I have found that ieIMPACT is accurate and timely and has given me time for more appraisals or better yet more family time. I would highly recommend there services to any appraiser who is looking to have more time."

May 11, 2014

"I have been using IE impact for about five months. They are doing a great job for me. They are very reliable, the job gets done on time, every time. My staff in town always looked for away to get out of work. A dusting of snow, a cold. This company get the job done."

Apr 08, 2014

"IeImpact does a great job getting my reports completed in a timely and professional manner. They are available 24 hours a day to both complete assignments and answer questions. Thank you IeImpact."

Mar 21, 2014

"ieImpact has been a great service. It has freed me up to accept double the orders I could type on my own. I have solicited new clients as a result and they are all very happy with mt reports. Way to Go!"

Mar 10, 2014

"There was a storm here and my electricity was out and I got behind with typing thanks very much for typing these so quickly for me."

Feb 11, 2014

"Your service has been great. I save so much money & time, I don't have to utilize winey trainees anymore. I have contributed to the unemployment roles by not hiring trainees, employees, typists or office managers. Allows me to be a one man shop, isolated & eliminating jobs while outsourcing to another country. I save money. The NEW American Way!!"

Jan 03, 2014

"Ieimpact has saved me a lot of time and frustration. I have a small shop and with this service, I don't need a typist any longer."

Nov 25, 2013

"I am very satisfied with the turn times on the Data Entry and with the overall accuracy. Things in my opinion that need improvement to make this an amazing service would be to spend more time on the sketch making it look professional and less sloppy with room placement and doors etc. I would also like more training for data entry clerks on previous sales history as accuracy and reporting are inaccurate at best. Overall however, this service has saved me a lot of time and I would still recommend this service (and have)."

Aug 22, 2013

"Thanks for getting this to me quickly! It was my fault. Appreciate the quickness and diligence. Lou Durante"

Aug 22, 2013

"Ieimpact saves me an incredible amount of time on each report. They have helped me increase my work flow and given me more time in my daily schedule. Thank you Ieimpact!"

Aug 15, 2013

"This typing service has greatly reduced my time spent at the computer. I'm able to work less and still perform more appraisals. Thank you!"

Aug 14, 2013

"I recommend your services to all my colleagues as a way to complete the appraisal process quicker and at a small cost."

Jul 10, 2013

"ie impact is instrumental in keeping me on time with report due dates. For a minor cost per month, I am able to complete more reports, bring in more income and keep my clients happy."

Jul 01, 2013

"I first tried ieimpact several months ago when I became backlogged with typing due to unforeseen circumstances. I was surprised at how accurate and thorough the reports came back. Now I use them routinely and spend more time doing the appraising and analyzing market trends rather than data entry."

Jun 19, 2013

"After getting this service to use our style things have been great!!!! Would most definitely recommend to other colleagues !!!!"

May 31, 2013

"Absolutely and already have recommended your services...Great service !!! You save me time so I can do more. Thank you!"

May 23, 2013

"You are accurate, fast and professional. Your service allows our firm to complete at least 10 more appraisals per month. Not only that, but the work is done while you are sleeping! I would recommend IE Impact to any appraiser. Even if you don't think you can justify the expense, make a small investment in your business and spend the time marketing to non-lender, full fee work!"

May 16, 2013

"The do a good job, and eager to please when mistake are made. They are ready to learn my style / format."

May 10, 2013

" the company! Could not survive without them and have recently (3 months) begun using the company and highly recommend them to any sane appraiser out there! You will be forever grateful for trying the service!"

Apr 25, 2013

"you always help me out of a jam. I have to go on vacation and there is no way Ill finish without your service Thank You"

Apr 13, 2013

"ieImpact has been a game changer for my work. While there is still more room to fine tune my reports with ieImpact, I have been very impressed with the professionalism and the completion of reports in a timely manner. Thank you for your service."

Apr 13, 2013

"I have recommended the service in the past and I will continue to do so-- but only to appraisers who work outside of my market. I consider the service a competitive advantage."

Apr 08, 2013

"I feel the service has significant time saving benefits and reasonably priced but would stress the importance of providing extensive documentaion for training purposes for the best return product."

Apr 06, 2013

"IEIMPACT make my life easier that I don't have to do most typing in my reports. I'm glad that I have their services"

Apr 05, 2013

"Your service has made my work life so much more time efficient. Our firm can complete more appraisals, thereby making more money. Thank you."

Apr 03, 2013

"ieImpact has helped increase our productivity and efficiency with their reliable, professional services. Without ieImpact, we would be looking at hiring staff personnel at a much higher operational cost. IeImpact is a great example on how outsourcing can help fill the personnel gap for small firms like ours."

Mar 27, 2013

"I have recommended you service to other appraisers on several occasions. The time savings is a must for my busy schedule."

Mar 22, 2013

"I have recommended you to all six appraisers in my office. Everyone in my office using a person to type their reports and pays them significantly more money and waits 1-3 days for the report back. By using your service I have been able to almost double my monthly volume. You guys do a great job given the tasks you receive. *** Feel free to use this message but please remove the appraiser's names I mentioned. Thanks"

Mar 21, 2013

"IeImpact has allowed me to increase my productivity and income substantially. I am saving 1-2 hours per report and appreciate the new ush option to receive my typed reports within 6 hours."

Mar 21, 2013

"Despite a few issues here and there, you guys do good work and save me time. And when there are issues, you address them quickly, so thanks for that, too!"

Mar 21, 2013

"I have been using your service for over a year now. I was impressed from the start and become more amazed with nearly every file that I submit. Your technicians have even figured out how to locate info correctly from sources that I have failed to provide. I have and will continue to refer you to my many appraiser friends."

Mar 21, 2013

"I love the freedom and the ability to get more inspecitons done come home sitll have the night with my family running around and then have work done in the am"

Mar 21, 2013

"I really appreciate your new hours and rush order option. It enables me to submit files on the weekends and during our working hours. No more late nights researching and uploading files to get back by the morning. Thank you!"

Mar 20, 2013

"I've already recommended you to several appraisers. My mentor is one of your newer customers. You guys are great!"

Mar 20, 2013

"Your firm has done an amazing job. The reports are typed in a timely manner with little to no errors. Being open 24/7 works great for people who are on the road all day and working late. Your message system is great. You respond to my messages almost immetaly. I have been very impressed. Keep up the good work."

Mar 20, 2013

"I now do multiple reports thanks to your system and because of your reasonable pricing it is very cost effective. This is very important when doing reports for split fee AMCs. It also allows me to have a faster turn time without the worry of missing something in my data entry of my subject property and my comparable properties."

Mar 20, 2013

"Your service has far exceeded my expectations and only continues to get better with every passing week. The time savings and efficiency that your service provides has helped me keep my sanity during these hectic times of growing workload and appraiser shortage. All for just $14.99!! (although I frequently use the 6 hour option for just $2.00 more). Thank you, thank you, thank you!!"

Mar 20, 2013

"I've been in business over 20 years and this service has helped me produce more appraisals accurately and on time."

Mar 20, 2013

"I now have more time to increase my work or spend more time with my family. Saves me about 1 hr per report."

Mar 20, 2013

"I have already recommended your services to my friends and colleagues. By using your services my time is freed up to do the analysis instead of the form filling. I couldn't be happier."

Mar 20, 2013

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