Example Instructions and Reports

In order to obtain the best results from the data entry staff (DE Staff), the biggest key is the same as that in an appraisal report, communication. As all appraisers know, the clearer the communication with the reader, the less questions there are.

In the following you will be provided with information and examples of how we have best found to communicate with the DE staff in order to achieve the best results. The order page of the website is arranged with these fields:

1. "Order Address" and "Order Type" for identifying the order.
Various file "Upload" links for uploading data files.
2. And an "Additional Instructions" area to provide instructions specific to this order.
On the "My Dashboard" page there is a "Instructions and Reports" tab. This is where you will upload your Style Report, your Data Entry Reports, and your Standard Instructions (either in the text box provided or in additional uploaded files). There may be multiple Style and Data Entry Reports depending on your needs.

The files and instructions from the order page as well as the standard instructions and reports provided in the "Instructions and Reports" tab under "My Dashboard" will be used to perform the data entry for each order.

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