Data Entry Report Information and Example

The "Data Entry Report" provides the DE staff with the information on WHERE to get the data from. One example is the HOA fee for a PUD. If you want the DE staff to enter this data, you need to let them know where to get the data from, whether it be from the MLS listing for the Subject property or whether it is listed somewhere on county records. Sometimes the source of the information is provided to you in excel spreadsheets or some other form that you have created.

We have provided an example of a 1004 Data Entry Report. This is for use as an example however you may feel free to use it and change it for your purposes. In this report example the various items in red identify those data files that you would typically be uploading.

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"You guys save me a lot of time. I do wish that there was more consistency with the data input according to my instructions."

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