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We have found that one of the easiest ways to communicate HOW you want things written (your style) is by providing a scrubbed or redacted report. For those of you not familiar with the term "scrubbed" it is a previous report that you have completed that has all of the personal information removed from it (ie: owner's or borrower's name(s)). Basically you remove any personal data from the report regarding the owner or borrower that would create a conflict with USPAP if the report is delivered to someone other than client. Many Appraisal Management companies require a "Sample" report in order to sign up with them. This is the same concept.

This scrubbed report allows the DE staff to perform the data entry in your style. A scrubbed report for each of the types (1004, 1073, 2055, 1075, etc) that you want the DE staff to complete will be needed at some point in time. You can take the time now to do them all, or you can do them one at a time as needed by you. We ask that you call this report "Sample Style 1004 Report" , Sample Style 1073 Report", etc. when you save it off to be uploaded to the ieIMPACT website. Please provide these reports in pdf format.

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"I appreciate the data entry support as it allows me to focus on analysis more and less on data entry. When I am looking at data all day, its good to know I can have the data transferred onto my report, and keep moving, saving me time and energy. Thank you."

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